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Max Plant Growth
The 2HR Aquarist Estimative Index

Designed to exceed the maximum estimate of plant-growth requirements, the famous nutrient dosing approach pioneered by Tom Barr is now available in a ready-to-use concentrate that removes the guesswork from trying to recreate this powerful and sometimes elusive formula.

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The 2HR Aquarist Fertilizer APT Complete

Award-winning aquascapers' choice.

The all-in-one wonder. Richer Colours. Less Algae. Faster Results. 10X more potent1 that conventional fertilizers, and carefully balanced to limit algae. Unlock the true potential of your planted tank today!

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1Buying the nutrients separately easily add up to $75+. A 500ml bottle of APT costs $24.99

2100% comprehensive Macro+ Micro formula of N, P, K, Iron and Traces in our proprietary Capstone RatioTM.

3Try it for 100 days. If it doesn’t work, get a full refund. We are aquarists too and want the best for you.