Jack Dempsey

Thanks for visiting Tropical Fish Care Guides my story is below.

When I was about five years old my father came home from work with a surprise, he told me we were going to setup a fish aquarium, he told me it would teach me responsibility.

As promised, later that night he brought me into the kitchen where he had a bowl, a rock, a plant, a little container of flake food and a bag with one goldfish in it.One problem, my father didn't have access to any tropical fish care guides. The following is what transpired.

We placed the plant and the rock into the bowl, added some water then dropped the goldfish into the bowl.

And that was it! That’s all I thought was needed to setup a fish aquarium.

Oh boy was I wrong! I'm sure my father wasn't too concerned with the process involved, it was likely a feeder goldfish that cost 10 cents.

But I was watching and as I grew older I attempted to setup larger aquariums using the same thought process. Add some water, add some decorations and throw in some fish then …cross your fingers.

Needless to say my aquatic friends didn't last very long and they would become ill with strange looking diseases.

Tropical fish care guides did not exist back then, so we couldn't just follow a simple step by step guide. When things didn't work out, I blamed myself and eventually gave up on the hobby.

Fast-forward, I'm a father of two great little boys and I'm starting to think, hey! Maybe a fish aquarium for my children would be a great way to teach them some responsibility.

Armed with the power of the internet I began re-educating myself on how to setup and maintain a great looking, long lasting, healthy aquarium that can be enjoyed by our entire family.

Tropical fish care guides is a compilation of all the best information, tips and secrets I was able to find online.

My hope is that this fish care guide will help anyone starting out and considering setting up a freshwater aquarium. I also hope it will become a great refresher for any seasoned vets looking to expand their knowledge.

My Goal is to create the best, not the biggest, Tropical fish care guides resource online.