Video: 10 Types Of Aquarium Algae Commonly Found In Planted Aquariums and How to Control It

This is an awesome video from Glen Hawkins (GuppyGuy) about the 10 most common forms of fish tank algae in your aquarium.

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It’s pretty long and it is not narrated, however, it’s a great video with A Lot of information, like what causes algae in aquariums and how to get rid of aquarium algae.

I also love the creepy music he used as the soundtrack, I’ve always thought of algae as creepy myself.

Algae is one thing we all battle in our planted tanks….Let’s take back our tanks and not let a little algae take over. -Glen Hawkins-

If you’re looking for a great guide on how to get rid of algae in an aquarium?
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Here is a list of the 10 types of algae covered in this video and the corresponding time in the video it appears.  Use this to jump right to the algae type you are having problems with.

1. BBA or Black Beard Algae @0:35
2. BGA or Blue Green Algae @1:52
3. Cladophora or Blanket Weed @3:10
4. Brown Algae or Diatoms @3:50 If you’re really stuck with Brown Algae check out our guide that shows you how to prevent, remove and get rid of Brown Algae for good.
5. GDA or Green Dust Algae @4:35
6. GSA or Green Spot Algae @5:20
7. Green Water @6:00
8. Hair or Thread Algae @7:10
9. Rhizoclonium Algae @7:55
10. Staghorn Algae @8:35

What is The Most Common Type of Algae in Aquariums?

Algae In Fish Tank - 10 Most Common Types Of Fish Tank Algae