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I think we can all agree, Algae sucks!

Algae can occur without warning, but if you know a few secrets you can easily control algae and focus on enjoying your tank.

In this post, we show you 37 of the best articles, videos, and advice on how to destroy prevent and control algae.

Before we begin here are just a few reasons why you may have an algae problem;

  • Too much light.
  • Too much bioload or not enough filtration.
  • Too much excess nutrients (CO2) and waste in the water.

It all comes down to an imbalance in your tank. If you can get your aquarium balanced you can prevent and have your tank algae free.

Let’s begin.

How To Deal With Aquarium Algae.

Control Algae

Here is a great article from that explains in detail, how to deal with algae, why you get it and the common types you’ll encounter.

Lastly, they share about 6 great tips on how to avoid algae overgrowth in your aquarium.

I Highly recommend this article if you need some help dealing with an algae problem.

Video: How To Prevent Aquarium Algae

In this video Fluval expert Tom Sarac provides an excellent overview on the causes of algae along with several tips on how to prevent and reduce algae problems in your aquarium.

From Fluval Aquatics

Guide: How to Get Rid of Algae in a Fish Tank

Here is a great article with some awesome tips including things like Algae-Eating Fish and Plants to help reduce algae in your aquarium. The Oto is just one option for helping to clean up algae in your fish tank.

Infograph: 10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae

This great battle plan is an infograph showing you 10 ways you can win the war against freshwater algae. Click here to download.

2016-05-16_1244  From Doctors Fosters and Smith.

Awesome Algae Control Supplies

Video: Easy Algae Tips

This video focuses on how to use plants as an algae control method, which plants are best and the easiest plants you should use when setting up a new tank.

From Jacobs Aquarium

Guide: How To Control Algae In Fish Tank

Of course, how could we not include our own TFCG guide on this list.

In the article, you’ll find tips, videos as well as the 6 best fish that eat algae and 6 fast and easy growing plants that control algae.  

Fast Easy Aquarium Plants to control algae

Article: 10 Ways to Beat Algae

Don’t surrender in your battle against algae, this article has 10 great weapons you can use to combat algae.

There is even two weird tips that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

10 ways to beat algae

From Practical Fishkeeping

Video: 10 Types of Algae Commonly Found In Planted Aquariums and How to Control It.

This a very scary video…I mean just listen to the music.

Anyways this video goes over 10 different types of algae typically found in aquariums what causes it, and how to control it.

From Glenn Hawkins

Article: How to Get Rid of “Brown Algae” (Diatoms) in Freshwater Aquaria

Brown algae is not actually algae at all, it’s actually, microscopic brownish or greenish creatures with glassy skeletons.

Whatever it is? Its ugly and this is how you get rid of it.

How to Get Rid of Brown Algae in Freshwater Aquaria

 From PetHelpful

I hope you were able to find some useful tips and tricks that will help you control your algae problems and clean up your aquarium.

Just be sure you take action on what you learned.

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Take care.