Does Nualgi Work? Nualgi 4 Week Test in Freshwater Aquarium.

In this video the Everyday Aquarist tests out a bottle of Nualgi.

After a four week test it seems the

Nualgi did make a difference and the water calarity has improved.

Nualgi Aquarium - Nutrition for Happier Aquariums (16oz)
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What Are The Benefits of Using Nualgi Aquarium

Using Nualgi as part of your regular maintenance routine you will see:

Your Tank Will Flourish – Improve fish health, colour and life span.

Crystal Clear Water – By removing bad algae Nualgi will improves water clarity and visibility allowing you to enjoy your fish.

Clean Less – Becuase Nualgi stops the growth of bad algae your water quality will improve and as a result – fewer water changes.

As you can see in the video below Nualgi could be the solution to your cloudy water problems.

Nualgi Aqaurium User Submitted Testimonials

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