Live aquarium plants are an important element to any aquarium system.

Plants can provide a safe place for smaller fish to hide, a place for beneficial bacteria to grow and most importantly can help eliminate algae.

What You Need To Know About Aquarium Plants

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3 More Amazing Benefits Of Live Aquarium Plants

The infographic above shows 4 things you should know about aquarium plants but here are 3 more benefits of aquarium plants not listed above;

1) Create a natural ecosystem

Plants consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which helps keep your water oxygenated for your fish. Plants also help consume the toxic ammonia produced from fish waste and left over food.

2) Eliminate Algae

One of the reasons algae can become a problem is because of excess nutrients available in your aquarium water, Live plants will compete for the excess nutrients which will help eliminate algae over time.

 3) Shelter

Plants will provide shelter and security for the smaller fish in your aquarium which will lead to less stress, disease and will actually improve the overall health of your fish.

More About Aquarium Plants

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