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Hey there, welcome to part 2 of the how to set up a saltwater aquarium for beginners guide. In this article we will be going over how to cycle your saltwater aquarium.

But first a quick reacap.

In the last post you learned how to;

  • Place your substrate
  • Arrange Rocks
  • Set Up equipment
  • Add water & How to make your own saltwater
  • Things to look out for

Click here to watch part 1 (if you missed it)

In part 2 you’re going to learn how to quickly and easily cycle your aquarium, which you must do before you add any fish.

The video will cover exactly what temperature is ideal for cycling and how much salt (specific gravity) should be in your water.

You will also learn how to add bacteria products to speed up the cycling process along with how to test the water so you know exactly when it’s safe to add your fish, so you don’t waste your money killing fish.

Cycling your aquarium is a very important step that some beginners will overlook. Skipping this step could cause a lot of problems for you and your fish.

For a simple explanation of the science behind cycling your tank Watch: The nitrogen cycle it’s easyMark also does a great job explaining the cycling process in this video.

Watch: Part 2 How To Cycle A Saltwater Aquarium

In summary the steps covered in the video were;

  1. How to cycle your aquarium @1:20
  2. Water temp @1:25
  3. Water Specific gravity @1:30
  4. Add nitrifying bacteria product @1:38
  5. Hurry up and wait @1:49
  6. Testing your water @2:03
  7. How do you know your done cycling @2:47
  8. Watch out for… @2:57
  9. Adding fish @3:14

Now that you have your saltwater tank setup, cycled and have added your fish, it’s time to learn exactly how to care and maintain a saltwater tank.

This will be covered in the next video, click here to watch.

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