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Hey there, welcome to part 3 of our saltwater aquarium set up guide for beginners. In this article we will be going over how to care for and maintain your saltwater aquarium.

But first a quick recap of what was covered in part 2.

  • How to cycle your aquarium
  • Water temp
  • Water Specific gravity
  • Add a nitrifying bacteria product
  • Hurry up and wait
  • Testing your water
  • How do you know your done cycling
  • Some things to watch out for
  • Adding fish

Click here to watch part 2 (if you missed it)

So now that you have setup your awesome new saltwater aquarium, added fish and have it running it’s time to think about the future.

In this next video Mark explains in detail what you should be doing everyday, weekly and monthly in order to keep a care free saltwater tank.

Watch: Part 3 How To Care For & Maintain A Saltwater Aquarium

In summary here are a few take away’s from the video that you’ll need to know.

  • How to top off the tank water @0:17
  • How to clean algae off your glass @2:10
  • Water Changes @3:20
  • Step by step water change @4:25
  • Test the water @6:15

Although Mark goes into great detail, we created a guide that you can follow step by step and recommend the following 9 tools to clean your aquarium.

So that’s it, if you followed along you should have your first saltwater tank up and running.

Remember the following the next time you set up an aquarium.

  1. Set up your aquarium.
  2. Cycle your aquarium.
  3. Maintain your aquarium.

If you follow these steps, you should be good to go.

Anatomy of fish tank
From Visually.