Aquarium Maintenance Full Bundle

Aquarium Maintenance Bundle (Three Pack)

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Aquarium Maintenance Bundle

Here’s What You’ll Get:

1. The Beginners Guide To Fish Tank Maintenance (20-Page eBook)

Learn How Clean an Aquarium & Keep it Clean with a Complete 30 Day Instruction Guide & Equipment List:

  • Step by step instructions to set up your new tank.
  • What you need to set up your new tank.
  • A list of daily maintenance checks that you can do in less than 5 minutes each day.
  • Weekly cleaning routine that will keep your aquarium sparkling clean.
  • Which Monthly housekeeping items you should do each month to keep your tank balanced and healthy.
  • All in an easy to follow step-by-step format so that you focus on enjoying your aquarium.

2. The Aquarium Log Book & Maintenance Tracker (Printable PDF):

This Aquarium Log Book is the best way to make note of all the steps you take when caring for your aquarium. Easily keep all your aquarium tasks, schedules & plans all in one place.

  • Aquarium maintenance log book to document your water testing parameters, lighting, feeding schedules, supplement dosing and water changes?
  • Keep track of everything for your freshwater aquarium.
  • Perfect gift for new beginners starting out in the hobby.

Once you start cleaning your aquarium the right way, you will have a crystal clear aquarium with happy fish that live a long healthy life.

3. Our 30 Day Easy Maintenance Schedule

This book walks you through the exact maintenance routine I use on all my tanks. Use it together with the aquarium maintenance logbook to track all the maintenance checks you do each day, week, and month.

  • A step-by-step guide to cleaning your aquarium the right way. Featuring equipment lists and bonus tips.
  • Prevent Fish Stress, Disease & Death With This Easy To Follow 30 Day Aquarium Maintenance Schedule.