If you’re looking to upgrade your existing filter, or just setting up a new aquarium. The filters below are some of the Best Aquarium Filters for freshwater and saltwater tanks.

Why keep that old noisy filter from 2010 going?

These five filters are in class all their own and sure to provide you with the superior filtration power you desire.

You’ll see two of the filters are from Fluval, they are by far one of the best aquarium filter brands out there with years of experience and a great filter line up.

However, Seachem has entered the ring with a great power filter called the Seachem Tidal and it’s quickly becoming a favorite to many aquarium nerds as well as one of my favorite new filters…

Let’s dive in.

Tank Inspiration Great Aquarium Filters For Superior Filtration - 5 Filters

Quick Overview: 5 Great Aquarium Filters

1. The Fluval FX6

This canister filter is a beast and it won’t let you down. It looks like someone took a shop vac and converted it into a canister filter, this thing is absolutely HUGE!

The FX4 is pretty big as well. Here are just 3 awesome features these monsters offer; Self-Starting, Smart Pump Technology & Seamless Water Changes. Read our review on the Fluval FX6 Canister Filter

2. The Marineland Emperor HOB Filter

Systems are on of the best aqurium power filters available. They come built with a revolutionary two-pump design, flow and filtration efficiencies of the Emperor’s are unmatched by other filters in their class.

An extra-large BIO-Wheel is included to help promote the growth of healthy bacteria to naturally remove ammonia and nitrates from the water. Read our review on the Marineland Emperor Power Filter

3. The Seachem Tidal Power Filter

With so many featrures the Tidal might be the best filter ever. It’s ideal for freshwater or saltwater comes with a built in surface skimmer, self priming feed pump. Easily adjust the flow rate.

The Tidal Power Filter is a new take on filter technology and provides your aquarium with optimal filtration and low maintenance for a super clean and healthy environment

4. The Fluval 406 External Canister Filter

If you want an external canister filter that makes filtering your tank as easy and worry-free as possible, the Fluval 406 External Canister Filter is the one to go with.

There are many unique design points that make this filter work better and more efficiently than other filters out there, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining it all the time. Read our review of the Fluval 406 Filter

5. The Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Power Filter

This internal filter delivers highly quality filtration to aquariums. Its design features a directional return pipe and integrated suction cups that allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting inside your tank.

The filter also comes with an easy-to-use flow rate adjuster, which enables precise regulation of the filter’s output.

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