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Can Goldfish Eat Betta Fish Food?

For some reason I see this question all over the help forums: Can Goldfish Eat Betta Fish Food?

Personally I’m not sure what the confusion is. Yes, both the goldfish and betta are fish. But the similarities stop there. They have completely different diet and nutritional requirements.

Below I have provided a very general explanation of what both fish require in their diets.

Goldfish are omnivore:

Can you feed betta fish goldfish food photo of goldfish

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“An omnivore is an animal that can derive its energy and nutrients from a diet consisting of a variety of food sources that may include plants, animals, algae, fungi and bacteria. Wikipedia

The flake food produced for goldfish is low protein and high fibre, in-fact most goldfish food can have lower protein levels than most tropical fish foods.

Just like humans, goldfish should have a balanced diet, to stay healthy.  Your goldfish won’t get all it’s nutrients from commercialy prepared foods. That’s why you should vary what you feed your goldfish, mix it up with flakes, fresh food, frozen or freeze-dried, and live food.

Basically, goldfish flakes don’t have all the essential nutrients at a goldfish would require.

However, though we recomended you don’t feed a betta fish goldfish food. You could occasionally feed a goldfish betta food. Mainly becuase the diet of a goldfish varies greatly, whereas the betta’s diet as we note below has very specific requirements.

However, in all cases we suggest you become familiare with the diet of your particular fish and ensure you stick to food products made specifically for your species of fish.

Betta’s are Carnivores/Insectivores:

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food

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“Wild Betta fish are hardy and can eat almost anything in their environments, including worms, larvae of mosquitoes or other insects, and even smaller fish. Their natural environment is often resource-limited, so many Betta species have little choice of food. Wikipedia

So betta’s feed on foods that are protein rich meaty foods. Betta’s also tend to eat a large variety of foods. Foods like pellets, frozen or live bloodworms, daphnia, and brine shrimp.

The digestive system of the betta fish is specifically designed to handle a high protein diet. A diet that would be at least 50% protein is best. Most betta food (pellets) will have a protein rating of at least 50%.

The Betta fish naturally feeds from the surface of the water and has a mouth designed specifically for that. In the wild the betta fish will eat insect larvae right off the surface of the water.

Keeping this in mind a floating betta pellet would most mimic its natural environment. Most pet stores offer betta specific pellets.

Betta fish only need to be fed 2-3 pellets per feeding so one container will last a very long time. Use them for a healthy, happy betta. Good luck!

sh food does not have the essential nutrients that a betta would require.

So, can you feed betta fish goldfish food? Sure, a betta may eat goldfish food. But is it the best food to provide the nutrients needed for a healthy betta fish? Definitely Not!

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