The Nitrogen Cycle – It’s Easy!

Sometimes it feels like everyone knows something you don’t…

At least that’s how I felt when I first started keeping fish when I was about 15.

Back then the internet was still on dial-up and YouTube wasn’t even a possibility.

As beginner to the hobby I remember how overwhelmed I felt learning about the nitrogen cycle, filtration, water changes, good and bad bacteria, C02 and on and on.

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It can all seem pretty confusing! especially for the beginner.

This short video by MyFishCare 101 makes it super easy to understand.

Looking back I wish I had access to all the information now available online, it would have saved a lot of time and frustration.

If this video helped you understand the Nitrogen Cycle please share it with anyone who may also be a bit confused.

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About the Author:

Jack Dempsey has over 20 years of experience with freshwater aquariums, his goal is to help beginners avoid the biggest mistakes when getting started. If you find something helpful please share it on your favourite social network. If you need help with anything send Jack a question.