Quick & Easy DIY Aquarium Chiller For Under $100

Depending on where you live it might get a little too hot for your aquarium and you may need some extra cooling for your aquarium.

In the DIY video below Joey Mullen shows you how to build an aquarium chiller for under $100.00 and it can be used for pretty much any aquarium.

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From The King Of DIY

In the video Joey does an awesome job explaining the steps to build this aquarium chiller and it’s super simple to follow along.

He also explains how the chilling process works, here are the key take aways of how this DIY aqurium chiller works;

1) Longer Hose = Cooler Water

The water is pumped into the fridge and circulates through the hoses that you placed in the fridge, then back out to your aquarium. Longer Hose = Cooler Water.

The water gets cooled becuase of the time the water spends in the fridge. Or, the longer the hose the longer water has a chance to cool.

DIY Aquarium Chiller - Exterior
DIY Aquarium Chiller – Exterior


DIY Aquarium Chiller - Interior
DIY Aquarium Chiller – Interior

2) Slower Flow = Cooler Water

The flow of the water also impacts how cool the water will get. Slower Flow = Cooler Water.

To control the water flow you can install a ball valve on the output end to help control water flow.

DIY Aquarium Chiller - Slower Water
DIY Aquarium Chiller – Slower Water


DIY Aquarium Chiller - Ball Valve
DIY Aquarium Chiller – Ball Valve


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