11 Goldfish Fun Facts [Infographic]


Goldfish are awesome pets, they are brightly coloured and have lots of character. Here are 11 fun facts about goldfish shown in a great infographic from The Aquarium Guide. Further Reading: Interested in keeping Goldfish learn everything you need in our Goldfish Care section. Courtesy of: The Aquarium Guide Here Are 11 Goldfish Interesting Facts …

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Can a Goldfish Live In A Bowl Without a Filter or a Heater?

Can Goldfish Live In A Bowl - The Dangers of Keeping Goldfish in a Bowl

Can Goldfish Live In A Bowl? A Goldfish could live in a bowl, but it’s not ideal. Goldfish won’t last very long if you keep them in a bowl. Goldfish produce a large amount of waste and a small bowl allows harmful toxins like nitrate & ammonia to build up fast and poison your goldfish. …

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10 Most Beautiful Fancy Goldfish Types [Infographic]


If you’re thinking of keeping Goldfish, but not sure which one would look the best in your aquarium? Then this infographic will give you a great idea of the most popular fancy Goldfish types available. After the infographic, you’ll find more information and videos of all the types of goldfish shown in the infographic. Further Reading: Interested …

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