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Curious about what fish can go together in a tank? Or, what are good Tank Mates for angelfish? And what fish can you put with Betta?

Good news!

We’ve compiled a few guides and lists about which fish are compatible with some of the most popular freshwater fish for your aquarium. Just find your fish below and read the guide.

Betta Fish Tank Mates

29 Safe & Compatible Betta Tank Mates For Your Betta Tank [Infographic]

Betta Tank Mates are tough to find. Use This Ultimate List to find Safe & Compatible Fish That Can Live With Betta Fish. Find a companion for your Betta Fish in 5, 10, 15, or even 30-gallon tanks. Learn More About Tank Mates For Betta Fish.

Angelfish Tank Mates

Awesome Freshwater Angelfish Tank Mates

When deciding on tank mates for angelfish it may be a case of trial and error until you find the right ones. Keep in mind what may work for one angelfish when it comes to tankmates may not necessarily work for another. To help you along here are 12 of the Best Tank Mates For Angelfish.

Tiger Barb Tank Mates

Thinking of keeping Tiger Barbs? Before you buy some check out this AWESOME guide to Tiger Barb Care you’ll find everything you need to care for your Tiger Barbs. Want a community Barb tank? we show you the best Tank Mates For Tiger Barbs.

Discus Tank Mates

The Best Discus Tank Mates Compatibility List and Care Guide

The NEW and Updated list of Discus tank mates to help make things easier for YOU!. Neon Tetras, Catfish, Plecos & Schooling Fish for YOUR Discus tank. Learn More About Tank Mates For Discus.

Guppy Tank Mates

Peaceul Guppy Tank Mates Your Guppies Will Get Along With

When it comes to finding the Best Guppy tank mates it’s actually pretty easy. Here are a few tank mates that will let your Guppies swim around in peace. Learn More About Tank Mates For Guppies.

Gourami Tank Mates

The Best Gourami Fish Tank Mates [Massive List & Care Guide]

The Gourami is often referred to as a starter fish for beginners. They’re easy to take care of, can co-exist with several other fish, and aren’t picky eaters. What more could you ask for? How about a few tankmates. Here are 12 Of The Best Tank Mates Fro Gourami Fish.

Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates

Ultimate Guide to the Best Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates

Ultimate Guide to the Best Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates

Their small size means you need to carefully consider if they’ll get along with bigger fish. Read on for the best Tank Mates For Dwarf Gourami.

African Cichlid Tank Mates

The Best African Cichlid Tankmates [Massive List & Care Guide]

African Cichlids can make great additions to your aquarium. Just give them enough space and some cool hiding places! Remember to keep the small fish out and the big fish that can hold their own in with the Cichlids. Here are some Awesome Tank Mates For African Cichlids that are compatible with these aggressive fish.

Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates

What are the best mates for Cherry Shrimp? What shouldn’t you mix with them? Those questions, and more, answered in this extensive guide. Learn More About Tank Mates For Cherry Shrimp.

Convict Cichlid Tank Mates

Best Convict Cichlid Tank Mates

Here is our roundup of the 10 best Convict Cichlid Tank Mates to give this pretty little fish company in your aquarium. Learn More About Tank Mates For Convict Cichlids.

Apistogramma Tank Mates

The Friendliest Apistogramma Tank Mates for a Peaceful Community Tank

Learn what it’s like caring for Apistogramma. And, get great information and suggestions for Apistogramma Tank Mates so they’re not lonely! Learn More About Tank Mates For Apistogramma.

Amano Shrimp Tank Mates

Looking for Amano Shrimp Tank Mates? This guide shares everything you need to know about Amano Shrimp and who they get along with and who they don’t. Learn More About Tank Mates For Amano Shrimp.

Electric Blue Ram Tank Mates

12 Neighborly Electric Blue Ram Tank Mates for a Happy Aquarium

Learn which kind of Electric Blue Ram tank mates you can add to your aquarium. This is our BIGGEST list of tank mates for your blue rams. Learn More About Tank Mates For Electric Blue Ram.

Emperor Tetra Tank Mates

Compatibility Guide What Are the Best Emperor Tetra Tank Mates_

Emperor tetras do well in a community aquarium. But that doesn’t mean you can just add whatever fish you like. Check out the best Tank Mates For Emperor tetras.

Congo Tetra Tank Mates

8 Awesome Congo Tetra Tank Mates

8 Awesome Congo Tetra Tank Mates

Do Congo tetras get along well with other fish? Here are 8 Congo tetra tank mates to consider if you want the best pals for your fish. Learn More About Tank Mates For Congo Tetras.

Ember Tetra Tank Mates

10 Best Tank Mates for Ember Tetras

Is your aquarium looking a bit empty with just your Ember Tetras? Don’t let them be lonely! Here are 10 Tank Mates For Ember Tetras that you should know about.