Why Do Female Bettas Fight? What You Should Know 

Why do female bettas fight? Betta fish, male and female, are aggressive and territorial animals, causing conflict among each other. Other reasons could lead to fights among betta fish, such as stress, breeding, or sickness. Keeping the competition to a minimum is crucial because it can help make your pet fish feel safe, allowing them … Read more

Why Do Female Betta Fish Change Colors

You may want to know why female Betta fish change colors if it’s your first time keeping a Betta fish as a pet. You may freak out when your female Betta fish changes its color. People keep Betta fishes in their aquariums because of their vivid colors, but when these colors start to fade, or the fish … Read more

How Female Betta Get Pregnant

When Betta fish reproduce, they don’t get pregnant with babies; they lay eggs. Below we will provide an overview of fertilization and how you can tell when you have a pregnant female in your aquarium. Related: Female Betta Fish Species Overview & Information The Mating Process – How do Adult Betta Fish Get Pregnant? While … Read more

How Do Female Betta Fish Sleep? What You Must Know

They do it with their eyes open and by laying relatively still. It can be challenging for new pet owners to know if the fish is asleep, but once you know the signs, you’ll be able to determine whether your pet fish is awake or asleep. There are specific materials that help them with sleeping, … Read more

What Do Female Bettas Look Like A Gender Comparison Guide

Today, most Bettas fish are raised in tanks. Knowing what female Bettas look like can help you take better care of your female Bettas. You may not be able to tell female Bettas apart from male Bettas because they’re similar in appearance. However, these two genders differ in more ways than you can tell at first glance.  … Read more

Female Betta Fish Species Overview & Information

Female betta fish are different from male bettas in several ways. First, let’s look at what female bettas look like, what they eat, and how you can safely keep one in your aquarium. Appearance & Characteristics There are different types of betta fish, with female bettas looking different from their male counterparts. Halfmoon Halfmoon betta … Read more

How to Grow Anubias Emersed: Step-by-step Guide

If you’ve dabbled in fishkeeping for a while, you’re definitely familiar with Anubias. It is one of the most well-liked plants and is frequently employed in both basic and sophisticated aquarium designs. Some people adore this plant for its deep green hue, while others are astounded by how little care it needs to survive. Anubias … Read more

Easy Steps To Cleaning A Betta Fish Tank

We can all agree Betta fish are often sold as easy-to-care-for, low-maintenance pets. And while they are generally hardy fish, they still produce waste like any other fish, and their tanks will eventually need to be cleaned. The waste your Betta generates decomposes and turns into ammonia, which is toxic to your fish. Cleaning your … Read more