Marineland Magniflow 360 Review – Pros & Cons

Marineland Canister Filter Review_ Pros and Cons

The Marineland C360 Canister Filter is definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for something that is affordable and low maintenance. Marineland Magniflow Canister Filters are an upgraded version of the C-Series Canister Filter from Marineland and with 360GPH filtration capacity, it’s big enough, for tanks up to 100-gallon tanks.  In this review, we’ll talk …

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Find The Best Filter For Betta Fish – [Buyer’s Guide]

Selection Guide- Best Filter For Betta Fish (Review)

Thanks so much for visiting my site. I just wanted to say I think it’s great you’ve decided to use a filter for your Betta fish. In my opinion here are the best filters for your Betta: Our Top 5 Filters For Betta Fish The filters shown in our comparison chart are great for aquariums …

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AWESOME Gift Ideas For Beginner Aquascapers

Photo Credit: KoiQuestion Aquascaping is a very personal and private hobby and if you are looking for a few gift ideas for someone who is getting into the aquascaping hobby or even into planted aquariums you might not know where to start. Below we’ve shared a few gift ideas that are sure to be a …

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Tetra Whisper Filter – My Review Of The Tetra Whisper Filter

Tetra Whisper Power Filter Review- How Does It Stack Up-

If you’re looking to buy a filter for your first aquarium or need a solid filter but don’t have the budget for a Fluval or an AquaClear, you may consider a Tetra aquarium filter. Tetra is a highly respected brand in the fishkeeping industry, and they have been making high-quality fish food and aquarium products for over half …

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Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review – Why It’s Underpriced!

Cascade 1000 Canister Filter Review Featured Image

Cascade 1000 Canister Aquarium Filter I recently tried out the Penn Plax Cascade 1000 Canister Filter on a 55-gallon tank, and the water has never been cleaner. So I decided to share a few of my thoughts. In this review of the Penn Plax Cascade canister filter, you’ll LEARN the three things that make the cascade …

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Best Lens For Aquarium Photography Types & Uses

Canon Lens Types & Uses For Aquarium Photography

If you take your camera to your aquarium, you will be surprised to see how much there is to photograph. The little world of your fishy friends can offer some great photo opportunities. Especially if you have a planted aquarium, adjustable lighting, or a community fish tank. But just like preparing a beautiful and functional …

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