Updated! Best HOB Aquarium Filter For 2017 [Review]

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Best HOB Aquarium Filter [Review]

Best HOB Aquarium Filter [Review]

Acronyms can be funny….

BING = Bing Is Not Google

They can also be confusing!

Which is why some beginners to the fish keeping hobby may not understand what HOB stands for.

Well, it’s pretty simple really, HOB stands for Hang On Back aquarium filter.

What Is A HOB Filter

A hang on back (HOB) aquarium filter is simply a filter that is hung off the back side of your aquarium.

So why would anyone want to have a large bulky filter in plain sight hanging off the back of your tank.

Well, for a few reasons;

  • They are easily accessible.
  • The filter media can quickly be removed/replaced.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They provide great filtration.

Plus, over the years the technology has improved a great deal and many hob filters are very quiet when compared to earlier versions.

Which is great if you have your tank set up in your bedroom!

If you’re looking for a new hob filter, or this is your first, we reviewed a few brands below and ranked them based on the benefits noted above, here they are…

Click the links below to see the full reviews of the following filters;

HOB Aquarium Filter Reivews

MARINELAND EMPEROR 400 POWER FILTER - UP TO 75 GALLONSHang On Back (hob) Power Filter400 gphUp to 90 gallons4.2$$
Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Power FilterHang On Back (hob) Power Filter250 gphUp to 50 gallons4$
AquaClear 70 Power FilterHang On Back (hob) Power Filter300 gphUp to 40-70 gallons4.3$$
Tetra 25774 Whisper Power Filter 40, 40-GallonHang On Back (hob) Power Filter250 gphUp to 60 gallons 3.9$
Fluval C4 Power FilterHang On Back (hob) Power Filter250 gphUp to 40-70 gallons 4.3$$

Top HOB Aquarium Filter Brands

The top aquarium filter brands are as follows;

How To Set Up A HOB Filter

Here is a great video from Big Al’s that shows exactly how to set up the Marineland Emperor 400 HOB Filter which happens to be our top rated hob aquarium filter.

How To Clean A HOB Filter

Cleaning your hob filter is simple and listed the general steps below. However, this great forum post over at Aquaria Central really goes into detail and provides some awesome tips for beginners.

Here are the steps;

Step 1. Unplug the filter and remove it from the back of your aquarium.

Step 2. Remove lid and take out the filter basket, that contains your filter media. This will typically be a sponge, carbon bag, and some form of biological media (beads).

Step 3. Clean your beads and sponge in some of your old aquarium water placed in a bucket. If you do this during a water change it simplifies things.

Do not use tap water to clean the sponge/beads as it will kill off any beneficial bacteria that have built up in your media.

Step 4. Replace your carbon bag every 3 weeks.

Step 5. Then remove the filter intake stem, clean the inside with a cleaning brush to remove alage. Do the same to the intake tube. This will keep your tubes clear to maximize water flow which is key to your filtration.

Step 6. Then remove the motor and clean the impeller with a brush, replace it and  add lubricant to reseal the gasket of the motor.

Step 7.Then reassemble the filter and hang it back on the back of your aquarium and fill the cartridge up with your aquarium water using a cup, then plug it in.

If you do this at least once a month when you do your monthly water change it will ensure your tank will be healthy and clean for years to come.

Our Recommendation For The Best Hang On Back Aquarium Filter

Based on its low price, its ability to filter 400 gallons per hour and an overall rating of 4.2/5.

We are confident the Marineland Emperor 400 HOB Filter would be a great choice for anyone looking for a solid hang on back aquarium filter.

If you don’t think a hob filter will suit your needs?

Click here to see all the different filter options available for your aquarium.