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I know you want that big 55 gallon cichlid tank! But for most beginners a cichlid tank might be a little too much.

Before you jump head first into this hobby you should attempt to keep one of the following 6 freshwater fish for beginners.

Watch: Most Popular Aquarium Freshwater Fish for Beginners

Top 6 Aquarium Fish For Beginners

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To recap the video above, the 6 easiest fish for beginners are as follows

1) Goldfish

The goldfish is a great fish for a beginner as long as you understand a few things.

Goldfish are extremely dirty so you’ll need a larger tank, solid filter and be ready to do regular water changes. Goldfish can also grow rather large and will require a well oxygenated tank.

If you are interested in keeping goldfish I would suggest you take a look at the book titled “Fancy Goldfish” which is featured on our 5 best tropical fish books for successful fishkeepers. 

2) Betta

The Betta is one of the best fish for beginners becuase it is super simple to care for, very inexpensive and isn’t really that messy.

However, you should be aware that there are many myths about Betta fish that simply are not true. One of the most common is that Betta fish can live in a cup. If you are thinking about keeping a Betta fish please don’t do this.

The Betta is one of my favourite fish and I have a dedicated resource guide to keeping this fish, which you can Click here to read: Basic Betta Fish Care 101 – What You Really Need To Know

3) Guppy

The Guppy is one of the most beautiful fish for beginners, it’s super fun to keep mainly becuase it will breed over and over in most aquariums, which is fun if you have small children.

Guppy produce so little waste that you can actually keep quite a few in a small tank, which is great for beginners and they will require a minimal amount of effort.

4) Gourami

The Gourami is another very beautiful beginner fish that is very easy to care for. You may require a slightly larger aquarium, around a 30 gallon, if you want to keep Gourami fish.

With the many different colours to choose from Gourami’s are a great first time fish.

5) Molly

If you are looking for a fun, fast and exciting fish then Mollies would be your fish. They in many different variations, eat flake food and very easy to care for.

6) Platy

The last fish is the Platy, which at first glance looks very similar to the Molly.

These little guys are one of the most popular fish for beginners becuase of their many colour variations and names like the “Mickey Mouse Platy”.

The best part about all the fish listed above, with exception of the Goldfish and maybe the Betta, is they are all great community fish so feel free to mix a match.