10 Interesting Facts About Clownfish

The Clownfish is a small fish found in tropical coral reefs, they come in many colours but the most common is Orange with white stripes.

It is a great fish for the saltwater beginner, they’re easy to care for and grow somewhere between 4-8 inches in length.

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Here are 10 interesting facts about Clownfish you might not know;

10 Little Known Facts About Clownfish
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3 Important Facts About Clownfish

If you have ever thought about keeping Clownfish then here are some of the key takeaways from the infograph above:

1) Poor Swimmers

Clownfish are poor swimmers and typically won’t venture too far out from their home (anemone).

2) Aggressive

Although the Clownfish may look cute it is a very aggressive and terriotorial fish, be sure you know which fish can be in the same tank.

3) Education

If you plan on keeping a Clownfish, be sure you understand everything about this little guy. You want to ensure you have all the right equipment and understand proper fish keeping methods.

Are you interested in starting a saltwater aquarium for a Clownfish?

Just click here to watch our Video Guide – Part 1 of 3: How To Set Up A Saltwater Aquarium For Beginners.

Watch How To Care For A Clownfish

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