Does API Quick Start Work? Fish Cycling Bacteria Review

Are you planning to start a new aquarium or add new fish to an existing one? Or maybe your ammonia levels are just scarily high, and you need to mitigate as fast as possible.

In these cases, you may be looking for a quick, affordable aquarium water conditioner that will speed up and enhance your tank’s nitrogen cycle.

Does API Quick Start work to speed the water cycle? In short, yes, API Quick Start will significantly speed up your tank’s water filter cycle. Be aware, however, that API Quick Start doesn’t work overnight and that you do have to use it correctly to get the desired results.

If you want to learn more about using this product, keep reading.

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What Does API Quick Start Do?

API Quick Start is a fantastic option when your ammonia levels are too high; you want to introduce new fish to an existing tank or start a new tank. It is also beneficial for regular maintenance of the ammonia and nitrate in your tank.

API Quick Start immediately starts the filtering cycle for your aquarium, nitrifying bacteria and limiting toxic ammonia. While this cycle naturally takes up to six weeks, the API Quick Start can generally reduce the cycle time to about two weeks.

When Should You Use API Quick Start?

API Quick Start is best used for the following three occasions:

  • When starting a new aquarium
  • After water or filter changes
  • When adding new fish to an existing aquarium

In each of these instances, you may be eager to move forward in the process and unable or unwilling to wait the usual six weeks. In those cases, API Quick Start would be the perfect means to reduce your waiting time significantly.

Though you cannot rely on API Quick Start to work immediately, reducing your wait time by four weeks is worth the effort to apply the product.

How to Use API Quick Start

When using API Quick Start, don’t forget that you cannot expect it to work immediately. It would be best if you were patient before adding your fish. It is best to use API Quick Start solely as a means of speeding your process up a bit.

You will also want to use a dechlorinator like such as Seachem Prime before putting API Quick Start in since this product only contains bacteria and not a dechlorinating property.

Also, you will want to shake very well before applying it to your tank because of the bacteria in the bottle.

API Quick Start Dosage Requirements

Technically, you could use an entire bottle of API Quick Start, and the results would only be positive. However, it is beneficial bacteria you are adding to your aquarium water, so the more, the merrier.

API itself, however, recommends a dosage of two teaspoons (or 10mL) per every ten gallons (or 38L). However, we would recommend going over that dosage because it helps your water. Start with at least double the recommended dosage.

For saltwater tanks, quadruple the recommended dosage above for best results.

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How Often Do You Need to Add It?

It would be best to use it every time you plan to introduce new fish or start a new aquarium. But for simple general maintenance, API Quick Start can be used either every two weeks or even monthly in your tank.

Don’t forget it can also be helpful in situations when:

  • Excess ammonia levels are present
  • Changing tank water
  • Changing filter media
  • After medicating fish

How Long Do You Need to Wait?

Though the bottle claims you can add fish instantly after applying the API Quick Start to your aquarium, it is best practice to wait at least ten days and up to two weeks before adding fish. The process does begin immediately, but ammonia levels will not be in the preferred range until after the 10-14 day waiting period.

If you add fish to a new aquarium immediately after applying API Quick Start, there are no guarantee the ammonia or nitrate levels will be healthy yet. The same is also true when adding new fish to an existing aquarium.

Can You Overdose API Quick Start?

The more API Quick Start, the better. It is not possible to overdose on this product, and it will only provide benefits for the tank, so be liberal with your application of the liquid.

It is preferable to double the recommended dosage. The more healthy bacteria in your water, the more beneficial your fish, will be.

Even if you were to pour an entire bottle of API Quick Start into the aquarium, it would not harm the water or cause an overdose of any kind.

However, it is essential to remember your de-chlorinator when applying API Quick Start because the two must work in conjunction for the water cycle to be truly complete.

Does API Quick Start Dechlorinate Water?

No, API Quick Start will not dechlorinate your water, so it is imperative to use a dechlorinator when using it. Because the API Quick Start does not do any dechlorination whatsoever, you will need to supplement this process with a different product.

A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring a Healthy Aquarium

A. The Importance of a Healthy Aquarium

An aquarium is not just a decorative piece but also a thriving ecosystem. Maintaining a healthy aquarium is crucial for the well-being of your aquatic pets and the overall aesthetics of your home.

B. The Role of API Quick Start

API Quick Start is a valuable tool for aquarium enthusiasts. It promises to kick start the cycling process, ensuring the establishment of good bacteria to tackle harmful ammonia and nitrites.

C. Overview of Key Concepts

Before diving into API Quick Start, let’s explore the key concepts that underpin its effectiveness in maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Understanding the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

A. The Natural Aquarium Cycle

In the natural aquarium cycle, Nitrobacter Winogradski plays a vital role in biological filtration, converting toxic ammonia and nitrites into less harmful substances.

B. The Fishless Cycle

To establish a healthy environment, many aquarists opt for a fishless cycle to build up beneficial bacteria before introducing fish.

C. New Tank Syndrome and Its Effects

New tank syndrome can be detrimental to fish due to elevated ammonia and nitrite levels in a brand new tank.

D. Cycling Process and Bacterial Growth

Understanding the cycling process and the growth of beneficial bacteria is fundamental to maintaining a stable aquatic environment.

API Quick Start: An Aquarium Bacteria Supplement

A. What Is API Quick Start?

API Quick Start is an aquarium bacteria supplement that jumpstarts the colonization of beneficial bacteria in your tank.

B. How Does API Quick Start Work?

API Quick Start contains high-quality live bacteria that immediately begin to break down ammonia and nitrites in your aquarium.

C. Different Sizes and Packaging

Available in various sizes, API Quick Start offers flexibility for aquariums of different sizes.

D. Quick Start Overdose: Is It a Concern?

While API Quick Start is beneficial, it’s essential to use it as directed to prevent a Quick Start overdose that could disrupt the delicate balance.

Using API Quick Start for a Healthy Aquarium

A. When to Use API Quick Start

Knowing when to use API Quick Start is crucial to maximize its effectiveness.

B. The Instant Addition of Fish vs. Fishless Cycling

Fish-in cycle can stress fish, but with API Quick Start, you can introduce fish more quickly compared to traditional fishless cycling.

C. The Benefits of API Quick Start

  1. Rapid ammonia reduction is one of the key benefits of API Quick Start.
  2. It provides a source of good bacteria to establish a healthy environment.

D. Combining API Quick Start with Other Products

Combining API Quick Start with products like Seachem Stability and Tetra SafeStart can further enhance the cycling process.

E. Regular Water Changes and Water Quality

Maintaining water quality through regular partial water changes is essential for a healthy aquarium.

Monitoring Water Parameters

A. Master Test Kit and the Importance of Testing

Regular testing using a master test kit helps you monitor crucial parameters in your aquarium.

B. Understanding Ammonia Readings

Understanding ammonia readings is essential as high concentrations can be harmful to fish.

C. Nitrite Levels and Their Significance

Nitrite levels are another parameter to watch, as elevated levels can indicate problems in the nitrogen cycle.

D. Maintaining Safe PPM of Ammonia

Keeping the PPM of ammonia at safe levels is vital for your fish’s well-being.

Ensuring a Healthy Environment

A. Controlling Fish Waste and Ammonia Sources

Managing fish waste and other ammonia sources is key to preventing spikes in ammonia levels.

B. Stress Coat and Stress Zyme: Beneficial Supplements

Stress Coat and Stress Zyme are supplements that can further enhance your fish’s well-being.

C. Maintaining the Right Water Temperature

Maintaining the right water temperature is crucial for the comfort and health of your aquatic pets.

Troubleshooting and Common Concerns

A. Fish Loss and Ammonia Poisoning

Fish loss and ammonia poisoning are common concerns, but proper use of API Quick Start can help prevent them.

B. Nitrite Readings and Nitrobacter Growth

Understanding nitrite readings and promoting Nitrobacter growth are essential for a stable nitrogen cycle.

C. API Quick Start Overdose: A Closer Look

Let’s delve deeper into the concerns surrounding API Quick Start overdose and how to avoid it.

D. High Concentrations of Ammonia: How to Handle It

In case of high concentrations of ammonia, swift action is necessary to protect your fish.

Tips for Success with API Quick Start

A. Small Pieces of Advice for Big Impact

Discover some small yet impactful tips for achieving success with API Quick Start.

B. Patience and Regular Maintenance

Patience and regular maintenance are key to long-term success in aquarium keeping.

C. Privacy Policy and Online Shopping

When purchasing API Quick Start online, be mindful of privacy policies and safe online shopping practices.

D. Gift Vouchers and Free Shipping

Explore options such as gift vouchers and free shipping to make your aquarium hobby more convenient.


A. The Final Verdict on API Quick Start

In conclusion, API Quick Start can be an excellent product for kick-starting your aquarium’s nitrogen cycle.

B. The Best Practices for a Healthy Aquarium

By following the best practices outlined in this guide, you can ensure a healthy and thriving aquatic environment for your fish.

C. Good News for Fish Keepers

The good news is that maintaining a healthy aquarium is achievable with the right knowledge and tools like API Quick Start.

D. Wishing You Good Luck with Your Aquarium Journey

We wish you good luck on your journey to creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy aquarium. Remember that with proper care and the right products, you can enjoy the wonders of underwater life in your own home.


Though API Quick Start claims to work immediately, it is best not to use the aquarium tank right away. In general, the water cycle process will be sped up from six weeks to two weeks with your API Quick Start.

Also, don’t forget to accompany your API Quick Start with a dechlorinator that will successfully dechlorinate your tank water while it is being conditioned and filtered.

API Quick Start is a great antidote and prescription for the issue if you find yourself running into ammonia issues in your tank often. But it may be wise to find the root of the problem.

What could be causing your ammonia spikes? And how can you lower them quickly and efficiently? You can learn more about these topics and how to get rid of ammonia in a fish tank and keep your fish happy and healthy in the future.

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