Discover the Best Betta Fish Toys for Hours of Fun!

betta tank setup with filter
betta tank setup with filter

Having a betta fish as a pet can be a rewarding experience. 

They are beautiful, playful, and easy to care for.

But how do you keep them entertained? 

Finding a few of the best betta fish toys is critical to keeping your finned friend entertained. 

We’ve rounded up our top picks to provide mental stimulation while helping develop their natural behaviors. 

Keep reading to learn about these great options and discover which works best for your betta friend.


Betta Fish Balls

Betta Fish Balls are a fun way to provide an interactive and stimulating environment. 

Betta fish balls have a few benefits, such as providing mental stimulation, helping reduce stress levels, and encouraging natural behaviors like exploring their environment.

Benefits of Betta Fish Balls:

The main benefit of using betta fish balls is the mental stimulation they provide. 

By swimming around the ball, your Betta can explore its environment while exercising its mind. 

This can help keep it from becoming bored or stressed out due to a lack of activity or interaction with other fish. 

No one likes to be bored!

Additionally, these balls can encourage natural behaviors like exploration, vital for any pet’s well-being.

There are many types of balls, but we like the plastic ones as there have been a few issues with the live moss balls contaminating aquariums.

Don’t buy the live ones.

How To Use Betta Fish Balls:

When using a plastic moss ball, ensure no sharp edges or pieces are missing from the ball itself.

Also, try to use a low-flow filter or turn down the filter output flow when using a ball.

If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise your pet while providing mental stimulation, try out betta fish balls.

Let’s look at another type of toy, floating logs and leaves, which can also add an exciting dynamic to any aquarium.

Key Takeaway: Betta fish balls provide mental stimulation and encourage exploration, making them an ideal toy for betta fish. 

Floating Logs and Leaves

Floating logs and leaves are a great way to provide your Betta with hiding places to rest and hide in their aquarium. 

Adding these toys helps mimic their natural environment while also offering exploration opportunities.

Benefits of Floating Logs and Leaves:

Floating logs and leaves offer many benefits, including a safe place to hide or rest when they need it. 

I’m not sure about you, but even I need to hide occasionally.

Additionally, these toys can create an exciting aquascape in the tank that will encourage exploration from the fish. 

Finally, they can also help reduce stress levels by giving your Betta something to focus on.

Logs and leaves are available in various materials and shapes, such as wooden versions made out of driftwood, ceramic pieces shaped like rocks, and artificial plants attached directly to the tank’s side.

Pros & Cons of Floating Logs & Leaves:

Some pros include creating a more natural habitat for your fish while providing them additional areas to explore within their tank. 

However, some cons are associated with some materials (such as wood) that may release tannins into the water, which could affect its pH balance if left unchecked.

Most people don’t like tannins, but it adds a cool visual effect to the aquarium. 

Tannins also have many benefits.

How To Use Floating Logs & Leaves:

When setting up your aquarium, it is crucial to position the logs/leaves correctly, so they do not interfere with any equipment.

For example, don’t place a log right where your filter output is.

Additionally, make sure all decorations are securely attached.

Finally, remember most species require open swimming space, too, so only crowd your tank with a few toys.

Floating logs and leaves add natural elements and enrichment for your betta fish, but they are just one of many options available. 

Next up, we’ll look at using aquarium plants in your tank.

Key Takeaway: Floating logs and leaves provide bettas with a safe place to hide, explore, and reduce stress levels while creating an exciting landscape in the tank. 

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants are an essential part of any betta fish tank. 

They provide oxygen and hiding places for your fish to explore and can add a natural look to your aquarium.

I use live plants in every aquarium I set up, and the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Here is what you need to know about aquarium plants and how they can benefit your Betta’s home.

Benefits of Aquarium Plants:

Aquarium plants have many benefits for your Betta and the aquarium’s health. 

Plants help keep the water clean and healthy by filtering out toxins from the water column by providing oxygenation. 

Additionally, aquarium plants give your Betta plenty of hiding places, which helps reduce stress levels.

Finally, adding live aquarium plants will make any tank look more vibrant and full of colors.

Types of Aquarium Plants:

There are several aquarium plants, from floating varieties such as duckweed or frogbit down to rooted species like Java Ferns or Anubias Barteri Nana. 

Each type has unique characteristics, so you must research before deciding which would work best in your tank.

If you are new to aquarium plants, stick to low light and easy-to-care-for plant species.

Pros and cons 

On the one hand, they provide great benefits such as oxygenation, filtration, and hiding spots.

But on the other hand, they require much work and knowledge.

Additionally, some demanding species will be difficult to grow as they need specific conditions such as lighting, Co2, or substrate to thrive.

How To Use Aquarium Plants:

When introducing a new aquatic plant into a Betta Fish Tank, it is essential to follow a few steps;

  • First, make sure your plants can grow in your tank. Light intensity, temperature range, pH level, etc 
  • Second, clean all new plants before adding them into your tank – this will help prevent the potential spread of disease or pests like snails. 
  • Lastly, watch the plants over the next few days. And adjust parameters as needed. 

It is common to see some plants “Melting” when adding new plants to a tank.

Aquarium plants provide an aesthetically pleasing and natural environment for your fish and can also be beneficial in filtering water. They are a great way to enhance the beauty of your tank while providing shelter for your betta fish. 

Check out our selection of high-quality plants, where we guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.

Now let’s explore the benefits of adding submersible toys to their habitat.

Key Takeaway: Live aquarium plants provide essential oxygenation, filtration, and hiding spots for betta fish tanks. They can make any tank look vibrant and colorful with the proper care and maintenance.

Submersible Toys

Submersible toys are a great way to give your Betta fun while swimming around their tank. 

There are so many submersible toys that you can find to keep your Betta from getting bored.

Here is an overview of the benefits, types, pros and cons, and how to use submersible toys properly.

Benefits of Submersible Toys:

  • Submersible toys help keep your Betta entertained and active by providing something interesting to explore. 
  • They add visual interest to the aquarium, making it more enjoyable for you and your fish. 

Types of Submersible Toys:

There are many different types of submersible toys available on the market today, including;

  • tunnels, 
  • caves, 
  • castles, 
  • bridges, 
  • plants, 
  • rocks 

And more. 

Pros & Cons Of Submersibles Toys:

The biggest pro for using submersible toys is that they offer plenty of fun activities for your Betta.

Nevertheless, there may be some drawbacks.

Some toys have sharp edges or can leech chemicals into your tank.

It’s essential to research before you buy a toy to ensure you don’t put your fish at risk.

Be careful with any toy you add to the aquarium.

How To Use Submersible Toys Properly:

Always remember safety first when setting up any new toy in an aquarium. 

Ensure all pieces are securely attached so nothing falls into the water (this goes double for any small parts like screws). 

Metal can also rust over time, so keep a close eye on things after you’ve added it.

Also, please pay attention when cleaning toys that may require special care, such as soaking them in hot water.

Finally, remember maintenance. I know everyone hates chores!

Check all pieces periodically to ensure nothing is falling apart.

If you’re looking for something that can provide even more entertainment and interaction, then mirror reflections or toys with mirrors may be the next best option.

Key Takeaway: Submersible toys can provide your Betta with entertainment and help maintain water quality, but it's essential to check for safety and maintenance regularly.

Mirror Reflections/Toys with Mirrors

Mirror reflections or toys with mirrors can be a great way to provide visual stimulation for your betta fish. 

Benefits of Mirror Reflections/Toys with Mirrors:

Mirrors offer some benefits for bettas, including providing mental stimulation.

But they can also add a level of stress.

I also hate seeing my reflection, but that might just be me.

When a Betta fish sees another Betta, they become aggressive and flare.

This flaring activity can cause stress if done too often for prolonged periods.

Types of Mirror Reflections/Toys with Mirrors:

Several types are available, including other toys with mirrors, floating logs, leaves, balls, rings, and more. 

How To Use Mirrors Reflections/Toys With Mirrors:

When using mirrors or toys with mirrors, remove them when you are done. 

To use the Mirror, hold it outside the tank or gently place it inside.

Once your Betta sees its reflection, it will feel threatened and flare and dance.

FAQs about Best Betta Fish Toys

What is a betta fish’s favorite toy?

One of their favorite toys is a floating ping pong ball, which they can chase around the tank. 

They also enjoy swimming through tunnels or playing with small objects like marbles or coins. 

How can I keep my betta fish entertained?

To keep your Betta entertained, add decorations like plants or rocks to their tank for them to explore.

You can also provide them interactive playthings, such as floating ping pong balls or mirrors, to stimulate their curiosity. 

Do betta fish need toys?

Yes, betta fish need toys. 

Toys provide stimulation and enrichment for these active fish. 

By providing them with toys such as mirrors, balls, or floating decorations, you can give your Betta something to explore and interact with. 

Additionally, it encourages more natural behaviors like chasing and playing. 

To ensure your Betta has the best life, why not treat them to stimulating playthings?

What decor do Betta fish like?

They enjoy having plenty of hiding places, such as live or artificial plants, driftwood, rocks, and caves. 

Ultimately, betta fish need toys and decorations that create an aesthetically pleasing environment while providing enough hiding spots to feel safe and secure.


Many options are available when it comes to finding the best betta fish toys. 

From Betta Fish Balls and Floating Logs and leaves to Aquarium Plants and Submersible Toys, you can find a toy that will provide your Betta with hours of entertainment. 

Mirrors also make great toys for bettas as they love to look at their reflection. 

When selecting the best betta fish toys for your tank, consider these options carefully to give your pet the most enjoyable experience possible.

Are you looking for the best betta fish toys to keep your tropical aquarium vibrant and healthy? 

Then look no further! Our Tropical Fish Care Guides provide detailed information on all necessary components, such as food, water quality, filtration systems, lighting requirements, etc. 

Plus, we have an extensive selection of fun and engaging betta fish toys to ensure your little buddy stays happy in his new home. 

Please take a few minutes today to explore our guides and learn how to care for these amazing creatures!

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