Top 5 Guppy Food Options [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

What Is A Good Food For Guppies?

One example of great food for your guppy is Brine Shrimp. Brine shrimp is packed with protein, fat, and carbohydrates. High levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates will keep your guppies healthy more colorful and growing quickly.

However, there are many other food options for your guppy that you can pick from. So we decided to take a closer look at some great guppy food options available. Of all the food we’ve seen, these my favorite guppy food options to buy in 2021:

  1. Food For Guppy Fry: Brine Shrimp Or Blood Worms
  2. Fancy Guppy Food:Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food
  3. High-Quality Guppy Food:TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes
  4. Guppy Food For Color: Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food

Knowing what to feed your guppy can be quite a challenge given the array of different foods out there for them. It can feel like an endless quest trying to find a food that will nourish them but not affect your tank with clouding up and other issues.

There is so much choice on the market that actually it can feel quite overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider that you probably never even realized would arise from simply trying to find fish food. Fear not, though, fish-keeping friends; we have decided to do some research for you!

We have found five guppy food products around and given you a review of each of them with a handy pros and cons section after each one. We have also included a Buyers’ Guide in this article, which will be immensely helpful whenever you have to buy guppy food as it gives you a list of features and factors you may want to consider.

If this sounds like something that would be useful for you, keep on reading, and you’ll have a guppy food that will make your guppies the happiest fish in the tank. 

In a rush? 

If you do not have the time to read the whole article, why not check out our favorite pick here? The TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes was by far the highest-rated, and we can see why!

  • Suitable for guppies of all ages as the flakes can also be crushed for tiny mouths 
  • They float slowly to give the guppies plenty of time to chomp them up 
  • They have been formulated to provide your guppies with all of the nutrition they need due to the ProCare blend 
  • They are highly digestible and flavored with shrimp to make them more appealing 

The products 

Please keep reading to learn all about our favorite choices for some good guppy food. The list features mostly complete food for daily use; however, we have included one very high-quality ‘treat’ food that can be fed twice or three times a week. 


Quick List Guppy Food

  1. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes
  2. Tetra BloodWorms
  3. API Tropical Greens Fish Food Flakes
  4. Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food
  5. Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Guppy Nano Bits

Top Pick: TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

Tetra TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes 7.06 Ounces, Nutritionally Balanced Fish Food, With Added Shrimp (77243)

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First on our list is the Tropical Flakes from TetraMin’s Plus range. They are suitable for guppies of all ages as they are in small, manageable flakes.

These flakes are made with highly-digestible ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about your guppies not absorbing all of the nutrients from these flakes. Because they are flakes, they float slowly down, so the guppies have plenty of time to eat them. It is perfect to use as their main source of food as it gives them all the diet staples they need.

The flakes are also formulated with natural shrimps for maximum flavor, which attracts the guppies to the food. The ingredients it is formulated with are largely natural, and it is high in protein to ensure maximum color enhancement.

The ProCare blend within the flakes ensures that your fish get all of the nutrients, vitamins, and omegas that they need, supporting their immune system and promoting longevity. Provided you use the food as directed, it will not cloud the water in your tank.


  • Highly digestible formulation
  • Protein to ensure the color enhancement of your guppies vibrant colors
  • ProCare blend to ensure all their nutritional needs are met
  • Suitable for guppies of all ages
  • The non-clouding formula, provided you use it according to instructions
  • Flavored with natural shrimps to make them more attractive to your guppies
  • They are flakes, so they will float slowly enough for your guppies to eat them
  • Good, large-sized container


  • Some customers have remarked that the container is not that high quality

Second Pick: Tetra BloodWorms

Tetra BloodWorms 0.28 Ounce, Freeze-Dried Food For Freshwater and Saltwater Fish, 0.28-Ounce, 100-Ml

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Next up, we have a snack favorite of many fish. Freeze-dried blood worms from Tetra are an excellent food source for your guppies. We should make clear right away that these are a supplement to the existing diet of your guppies and should be fed as a treat up to 3 times a week.

That being said, the benefits of these little bloodworms are innumerous. They are perfect for boosting energy in your guppies, especially when you are encouraging them to mate. The fact that they are specially processed using a freeze-drying method means that any undesirable specimens in the bloodworms will be eliminated, so your guppies only get the nutritional best.

They are in good, bite-sized pieces, so your guppies will be able to digest them easily. They are also a good choice if you want to avoid clouding up your tank as much as possible. They are also completely natural, so you need not worry about filler ingredients and harmful additives.


  • An excellent, natural source of food
  • Great for boosting energy in your guppies
  • They do not cloud up the tank easily
  • No filler or harmful additives
  • Easy to digest
  • Great for breeding guppies as it helps them get a boost of vitality


  • Not suitable as a complete diet, but can be used as a supplement twice or three times a week
  • Bloodworm larvae is an allergen for humans, so it may not be suitable for allergy sufferers to handle

Third Pick: API Tropical Greens Fish Food Flakes

API TROPICAL GREENS FLAKES Tropical Fish Greens Flakes Fish Food 2.1-Ounce Container

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The next product we want to talk about is by API. Their Fish Food Flakes are an excellent choice for your guppies. They are specially formulated to promote a cleaner tank environment as they do not produce clouds as much as other brands.

They achieve this by ensuring there is 30% less ammonia in the flakes. Ammonia is super harmful to guppies in large amounts and can cause gill damage, stress, and even death! The flakes are protein-rich to ensure your guppies have beautifully enhanced vibrancy, as well as the nutrition they need.

The vibrancy enhancing ingredient is carotenoids. It is formulated using algae, beet pulp, and a special plant blend. This ensures healthy growth, as well as less waste. It is for daily feeding, and it is recommended that you feed them twice a day, only using enough food for your guppies to eat in three minutes.

If you find there is still a lot of waste after 3 minutes, use a little less next time. The brand also assures its customers that the food is formulated so that your fish has maximum absorption from the flakes. 


  • Produces 30% less ammonia 
  • Formulated so that your guppies get maximum absorption
  • It contains algae, beet pulp, and carotenoids for nutrition and color vibrancy 
  • It promotes a clearer tank as it reduces cloudiness
  • Suitable for twice-daily feeding 


  • The container is made from flimsy material, and some customers have had the contents spill out in transit 
  • Some customers have said that the flakes sometimes clump together, which may not be suitable for smaller guppies 

Fourth Pick: Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food

Hikari Tropical Fancy Guppy Fish Food, 0.77 oz (22g)

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Next up, we have this specially formulated guppy food by Hikari. This high-quality guppy food is a tiny granule food that is super easy for guppies to eat and digest.

It is buoyant, so it floats really slowly down to the bottom of the tank, giving your guppies plenty of chance to grab their food. The food itself is protein-rich and is high in linolenic acid. This ensures that growth is promoted for your guppies, as well as encouraging their breeding habits.

The food has been extensively researched to ensure your guppies get exactly what they need, including vitamin C, which supports a healthy immune system for them. The granules are also rich in natural color enhancers to ensure your guppies are as vibrant as possible.

The granules are also formulated with chitosan, taken from the exoskeletons of insects and the shells of crustaceans. This means the food will be appetizing for them, as well as providing them with extra nutrition. 


  • Specially formulated with guppies health in mind.
  • It is in granule form, so it is one of the easiest to digest foods on the list.
  • Protein-rich to encourage growth and breeding habits 
  • It has vitamin C and linolenic acid (omega 6) to ensure your guppies remain healthy and that their immune systems are good. 
  • Rich in natural color enhancers 
  • Contains chitosans to further provide nutrition and makes it more appetizing 



  • some customers found the granules too small for their bigger guppies, and they just ended up floating right to the bottom of the tank 
  • Some customers found it too high in fat for their guppies

Final Pick: Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Guppy Nano Bits

Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Guppy Nano Bits Floating .6mm 9.7 oz, Natural (25143)

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The last product we want to explore is Cobalt Aquatics Ultra Guppy Nano Bits. This is yet another food that has been specially formulated for guppies, and in true form, it is in ultra-tiny pellets to make it easier for the small mouths of guppies to chomp on.

Due to them being a smaller size than flakes, it may be ideal for guppy fry! That being said, the brand specifies that it is suitable for guppies of any age. The prebiotics and probiotics, meaning your guppies will be well nourished.

They are 100% natural and formulated without harmful filler and additives, meaning you can rest assured that this is good-quality food. It is also perfect for breeding guppies as it encourages growth.

The ingredients include sword prawns, seaweed, garlic, and fish fillets, providing your guppies with a balanced diet. It is a daily feed, and so you should follow the twice a day rule, feeding them only what they can eat in a few minutes.

You need not worry about cloudiness in your tank, though, as it is formulated to reduce tank cleaning time! 


  • 100% natural formulation 
  • Packed with prebiotics and probiotics 
  • Reduces cloudiness, and in turn, reduces tank cleaning time ]
  • Ultra-tiny pellets to make them more palatable for your guppies 
  • No harmful additives and filler ingredients 
  • Encourages growth
  • Good for breeding guppies 


  • Some customers have noticed that they do not seem to float that well in the tank and sink quite fast to the bottom. 
  • Due to it being 100% natural with lots of fish in it, it has a very pungent smell, which some customers have commented on

Guppy Food Buyers Guide

We have researched some of the most important features and factors you should consider before buying guppy food.

You must take all of these factors into consideration as they all directly affect your guppies’ health and the overall health of your fish tank. 

Easy to Digest 

Guppies have tiny little mouths. This means the food they eat must be able to fit into their mouths easily. Imagine if we had to try to swallow a watermelon whole!

That would be nearly impossible. Imply the same logic to your guppies’ food. They need to be able to easily put whole pieces of food into their mouths. Enure they can eat and digest it easily, or you will end up with some very sick and hungry guppies.

Also, any food that is not digested or eaten will be left to rot in your tank, making the tank dirty and unsanitary, which could affect all of your fish. 


There are several nutrients that your guppies should have in their diets, and the food you give them will be the sole source of this.

Look for foods with added vitamins, namely B, C, E, and D. you should also look for food with added antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and omega fats. Foods that contain a good balance of these things will be the most beneficial for your guppies. 

No filler 

Linked to the section above and having a very nutrient-rich food, you should choose a food that has as little filler in it as possible. By ‘filler,’ we mean ingredients that have no nutritional value and are used solely as a means of bulking the product up.

To ensure that your guppy food has no filler, look for all-natural options, or at least food that is very transparent with what ingredients it uses. 

Color enhancing 

Believe it or not, guppies, as with all fish, can lose their color. To avoid this, choose foods that have color-enhancing ingredients in there.

The product description of the food should detail this for you, so look for guppy oof that features the words ‘color’ or ‘color-enhancing.’ 

No Clouding in your Tank 

Choose guppy food that will not leave clouding in your water. For this feature, we recommend checking the reviews of your chosen product first, as other customers are likely to let you know if they have experienced clouding.

Clouding from food means that your tank upkeep will need to happen more regularly as it causes the tank to become dirty and unsanitary. 

The effect it has on breeding habits 

If breeding is something you want to encourage in your tank between guppies, we highly suggest choosing guppy food to promote this.

It’s good to feed them things such as worms and larvae if you are encouraging breeding. Bloodworms are a particularly popular choice as they are loaded with nutrients for your guppies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How often should guppies be fed? 

Adult guppies should be fed once a day. It is recommended that one of their feeds should be ‘live food’ such as bloodworms. Only feed them enough food that they can eat in a few minutes.

If you notice excess food after five minutes, you are likely feeding them too much, and you should reduce the amount next time. Overfeeding can cause serious health concerns and even death.

A general rule of thumb is to feed them a pinch of food (between your thumb and forefinger) each morning and evening. 

How long will a guppy live? 

A very well looked after guppy can live for up to 4 or 5 years. However, in a tank, it is common for them to live up to only 2 years.

To extend your guppies’ lives to the maximum possible, ensure the tank is always kept in good condition; they have foods that are high in nutrients and that they can live stress-free in your tank. 

Can guppies eat tetra food? 

Yes, guppies can eat tetra food, and you will notice that when searching for guppy food, recommendations for tetra food will appear.

This is because their nutritional needs are very much the same. 

What vegetables can guppies eat? 

Vegetables provide excellent nutrients for your guppies, and they can be fed them a few times a week. The best vegetables to feed a guppy include ale, zucchini, spinach leaves, carrots, peas, and even small amounts of potato.

They need to be blanched to soften them and then made into a vegetable paste. Once this is done, you can either freeze the paste, cut it into tiny bitesize pieces before feeding them, bake it in the oven, and chop it up before feeding. 

Can guppies eat bread? 

No. Guppies should never be fed bread. They would eat it if offered; however, bread offers them no nutrients and can actually cause harm to their health, such as making them constipated. 

Do guppies need light at night? 

No, guppies do not need light at night. They are diurnal fish, which means they are awake in the day and they sleep at night.

Guppies actually prefer to sleep in darkness, so you do not need to worry about keeping a tank light on for your guppies! 

What tank mates are good for guppies? 

It’s always great to have some variety, especially in your fish tank! There are lots of other fish that guppies get along swimmingly with. The best tankmates are mollies, neon tetras, cory catfish, and dwarf loaches.

You can even choose totally different animals, as they also get on really well with apple snails, red cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, and African dwarf frogs. 


We hope you are now feeling completely confident with all things guppy food-related. We are sure that you have been able to find your perfect product out of our picks for guppy food.

Remember, refer to our Buyers’ Guide when you want to purchase guppy food as it will tell you exactly what features to look out for. Hopefully, our handy frequently asked questions segment has given you even more knowledge on your guppies too! 

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