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1. 50% Off Anything In The TFCG Store – Use The Code TFCG50 At Check Out

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Here’s what you can find.

  1. Aquarium Maintenance Bundle (Includes Everything Below)
  2. Beginners Guide To Fish Tank Set-Up & Maintenance
  3. Aquarium Log Book

2. 15% Off At The 2HR Aquarist – Award Winning Plant Fertilizers & More

This is a great website and resource for anyone who wants to learn how to quickly and easily create a thriving underwater garden and keep it lush and algae free. They have some of the best fertilizers and products for growing plants and our readers receive a 15% discount on your entire order.

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3. 10% Live Fish From Consolidated Fish Farms.

Getting high-quality fish just got a little easier! They have been doing this for over 20 years as a wholesaler and thought why don’t we bring a better product direct to the consumer here we are!

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4. 10% Off Live Plants From Wetplants.

Wetplants is a small, family-owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality plants at extremely competitive prices. They have been picking, packing, shipping, and loving aquatic plants for many years and we are excited to share our love of aquatic plants with you!

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3. 30% Off At Chewy – Yes They Sell Stuff For Fish & All Your Pets

Did you know chewy is one of the biggest online pet supply companies rivaling Amazon? If you are starting a new aquarium or thinking about making a big purchase? I suggest you think about using the 30% discount on Chewy. You do have to set up an Autoship account, but to be honest, after you get your 30% off your order – you can just cancel the Autoship.

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4. 15% Off At Pennanny.

Petnanny is a new company on the scene and offers great quality fish aquarium equipment for half the price of top brands. The good news is these are not cheaply made products they are just as good as the big brands. Add our coupon below for an additional 15% off and you save a tonne.

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Free Guides & Stuff

1. TFCG: The 9 Essential Tools To Buy For Cleaning Your Aquarium

Find which 9 essential tools you should be using to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

Click here to download now.

2. TFCG – 10 Basic Rules To A Successful Aquarium

Follow these 10 basic rules and you can achieve the aquarium of your dreams.

Click here to download now.

3. TFCG – Tropical Fish Species & Compatibility Charts

This is a helpful guide to help you select the best tank mates for your fish. Find out who can play with who, before you buy.

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Bonuses For Betta Fish

1. Betta Feeding Schedule To Keep A Healthy, Happy, Hungry Betta Fish

With this hand betta feeding schedule, you will learn what you should actually be feeding your betta as well as how much and how often.

Click here to download now.

2. Betta Feeding Infographic

This simple Betta Care infographic provides you with the general guidelines for a betta’s diet.

Click here to download now.

3. Betta Fish Training eBook

This awesome guide teaches you step-by-step exactly how to train your Betta Fish or any other fish for that matter.

Click here to download now.

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