Is Old, Dirty, Used Fish Tank Water Good For Plants?

Is Fish Tank Water Good For Plants_

A lot of people don’t know that fish tank water can be used to help plants grow better. Fish tank water is often seen as a waste product that needs to be disposed of, but it can actually be used to help your plants grow stronger and healthier. By using fish tank water in your …

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Java Moss: The Complete Care Guide

Java Moss: The Complete Care Guide

Java Moss: What You Should Know A good aquarium setup requires so much more than a tank and a couple of gallons of water. If you want to truly recreate a natural environment for your fish, you’re going to have to fit your tank up with caves, a gravel or sand substrate, and some quality …

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ADA Aquasoil vs. Eco Complete – Which Grows BIG Plants EASY!

ADA Aquasoil vs. Eco Complete

ADA Aquasoil vs. Eco Complete In our comparison of ADA Aquasoil vs. Eco Complete, we’ll analyze each type’s features to help you pick the correct type of aquarium substrate. A substrate is a base layer in your aquarium where plants can grow. Moreover, bacteria and beneficial microorganisms live in the substrate to maintain balance in …

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Planted Aquarium Fertilizer Guide & (Dosing, Calculators, How-To & FAQ)

Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Guide & FAQ

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use aquarium plant fertilizer for your planted tank. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn; Types Of Planted Aquarium Fertilizers How To Fertilize Aquarium Plants When & How Often To Dose Brief Overview Of Dosing Systems & Schedules Where To Buy Your Fertilizer And Much More… We …

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Top 5 Best Aquaponic Fish Tanks [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

Best Aquaponic Fish Tanks

Aquaponic fish tanks are great; you can keep fish and other aquatic animals and simultaneously keep plants in one symbiotic system. The fish waste becomes the nutrients for plants, and in return, as nature will have it, the plants help purify the water for the fish. And you get a self-cleaning fish tank and mini …

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Best Substrate For Planted Tank – Guide & Reviews

The Best Substrate For A Planted Tank. Top 5 List

What Is The Best Planted Aquarium Substrate? Are you looking for a good aquarium substrate for plants? If so, you’ve come to the right place. One of the best things about building your planted aquarium is choosing what fun plants you’ll delight your fish with. After all, this tank is going to be their forever …

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Fluval Stratum Review: Is It a Good Substrate

Fluval Stratum Review_ Is It a Good Substrate

Fluval Stratum Review Today, I’m reviewing one of the most acclaimed substrates for the healthy growth of both plants and shrimp. In this Fluval Stratum review, I’ll discuss its features, how it can be unique from the others, and what downsides it might have. As you might already know, the substrate provides much more than …

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