Get Inspired with these 9 DIY Aquarium Backgrounds

Fish don’t need fancy custom backgrounds right?

Maybe not, but I do and they look pretty cool as well.

Below are 9 Stunning DIY Aquarium Backgrounds found on Dramatic AquaScapes a great site and forum for anyone looking to start or learn about DIY Aquarium projects.

They even have a step-by-step how to build your own aquarium background page.

You can also check them out on YouTube where they have a few DIY videos available like this one:

If you have ever thought about upgrading your boring background picture with something a little more CUSTOM!

Check out these stunning DIY aquarium backgrounds which can all be found on Dramatic Aquascapes Spotlight Page.

Aquarium Backgrounds DIY

By Bob Kyaw

Aquarium Background

By Aaron Jenison
Oklahoma City, OK

Custom Aquarium Background

By Larry Davy
Chicago, Illinois

DIY Aquarium Background

By Dan and Becky Topp
Des Plaines, Illinois

DIY Fish Tank Background

By Casey Johnston
Long Beach, Mississippi

DIY Tank Background

By Ryan Lavigne
Somersworth, New Hampshire

Fish Tank Background DIY

By Chad Fromme
California, Maryland

Fish Tank Background

By Andrew Coats
Princeville, Illinois

Now it’s your turn to take your aquarium to the next level and make your own DIY aquarium background…

You know you want too!

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