5 Mysterious Egyptian Fish Tank Decorations You Can Try!

What kid didn’t go through an Egypt phase? I was obsessed with all things Egypt when I was a kid. So, if you have a young aspiring Egyptologist in your house or never “grew out of” that phase, your aquarium can be a fun place to express your interests.

One thing you’ll want to consider for an Egyptian tank is the substrate. Some people like to go with sand to look like the sands of the Egypt Western Desert. Fish like cichlids and loaches appreciate sand substrates. However, sand is not ideal for most planted tanks. If you want plants, go with sand-colored aquarium gravel instead.

I want to share my favorite Egyptian fish tank decorations for outdoor Egyptian vistas, pyramid treasure troves, and sunken Egyptian cities. I’ve also included setup ideas so that your pieces don’t look completely random in your tank.

**Important**: Before you add anything to your aquarium read this first; How to make fish tank decorations safe at homeA lot of aquarists use Krylon Fusion Paint in their aquariums to seal or paint homemade decorations. Kyrlon Fusion comes in a few colours as well as clear. So go ahead & use eqyptian Figurine, just seal it first. 


Top 5 Egyptian Aquarium Decorations to Choose from

If you’re a huge fan of Egyptian antiquities, it’s tempting to fill your aquarium with every neat Egyptian item you find. First, however, I suggest you decide whether you want to create an Egyptian desert vista or a scene from within an Egyptian tomb. Then, choose just one or two decorations on the same size scale.

Here are the top Egyptian aquarium decorations I recommend:

Egyptian Obelisk

Brown Egyptian Obelisk Collectible Figurine
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Egyptian obelisks are a perfect option for an outdoor-themed Egyptian tank. However, to be authentic, you will want two since two of these monoliths usually flanked the entrances of ancient Egyptian temples (not pyramids).

The ancient Egyptians usually made their obelisks from a single piece of red granite. However, this one is a resin obelisk, not a stone one. Not having studied hieroglyphics, I don’t know if this one says anything intelligible or not.

You might also consider adding the following rocks to complete the look of an outdoor Egyptian scene:

  • Quartzite
  • Granite
  • Rainbow rock

Each obelisk is 2 x 2 x 8.5 inches, which should fit in all but the tiniest fishbowl.

Egyptian Pyramids

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So far, we’ve found at least 118 pyramids in Egypt, dating as far back as 3808 BC. When we think of Egypt, they’re one of the most iconic parts of Egyptian landscapes.

The main thing that I like about these pyramid decorations is that they come in three sizes. Having three available sizes allows you to recreate the scene of the three largest of the Pyramids of Giza:

  • Large: 4.41 x 4.33 x 4.92 inches
  • Medium: 3.62 x 3.54 x 4.02 inches
  • Small: 2.83 x 2.76 x 3.35 inches

Another thing I like about these pyramids is the multiple entrances that allow fish to swim in and out at their leisure while you enjoy watching them inside. So if you have fish that are shy, need privacy to spawn, need a place to sleep by day, or like to have places to hide, having a pyramid can fulfill those needs.

While there are some other aquarium pyramids out there, they take up space without providing fish shelter, which is why these are my favorite tank pyramids.

Lost Pharaoh

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If you’ve been following recent news about the sunken Egyptian city of Thônis-Heracleion, you’ve probably heard that they recently discovered temple remains. Who’s to say that a lost pharaoh won’t be one of the following discoveries? I’m personally excited to see what the archeologists excavating the site ultimately uncover soon.

You can surround your pharaoh with many plants, and perhaps some other sunken pieces like broken pottery for an even more authentic underwater city feel.

While the pharaoh doesn’t have entry points, he still has a few spots where smaller catfish or plecos might nestle.

The lost pharaoh is relatively small, so he’s perfect even for tiny tanks. His measurements are only 2.1 x 1.9 x 2.3 inches.

This one has an almost relaxing feeling which could be paired up nicely with some Zen Fish Tank Decor.

Pharaoh Lost City

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I like the pharaoh lost city for its versatility. It can be part of an indoor temple scene, an outdoor discovery that the elements have weathered, or a sunken underwater city.

I like to plant Amazon sword plants (Echinodorus grisebachii) and Anubias (Anubias barteri) around this decoration for outdoor and temple dioramas. These plants are at home in an Egyptian setting and add a regal and lush feeling to the scene.

This ornament is 8.5 inches in width and length and 5.7 inches in height. While it’s too large for a 5-gallon aquarium, it would fit in any other just fine.

If you like this one you might also like some of these Greek Fish Tank Decorations as well.

Pharaoh Statue

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King Tutankhamun is the most famous Egyptian pharaoh because we found his tomb and treasures in 1922, in semi-recent history. Plus, he died at age 19, making him more relatable to kids when they’re first getting into Egyptology.

If you’re a King Tut fan, this bust can be a beautiful addition to an Egyptian tank with a theme of pyramid treasures. While it doesn’t serve a functional purpose, like having a place through which fish can swim, it is a beautiful piece.

At 4.1 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches, this pharaoh is relatively small. You can use Tut as a central piece in a smaller aquarium or scattered with other fun tomb treasures in a larger tank.

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My favorite Egyptian fish tank decoration is the Lost Pharaoh because it represents potential Egyptian discoveries from our lifetime. However, the Pharaoh Lost City is the most versatile piece since it can fit almost any Egyptian theme you decide to do.

DIY aquarium decor is also a fun idea when you’re setting up your Egyptian tank. Things like clay pots, plastic toys, and prints for the back of your aquarium can enhance the setting for your Egyptian theme. For example, printing out a background that looks like the inside of an Egyptian tomb can make your Egyptian fish tank decorations make more sense than random placement.

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