5 Ancient Greek Fish Tank Decorations You Can Try!

A Greek theme is one of the classiest themes you can try. Ancient underwater ruins make a perfect underwater seascape for your fish.

Greek-themed tanks are especially well-suited for schooling fish or can be an ironic choice for a female betta sorority tank.

My favorite Greek fish tank decorations include ruins of ancient buildings, statues, Greek gods, and broken pottery. I’ll guide you through ways to use them in your tank with impressive results.

**Important**: Before you add anything to your aquarium read this first; How to make fish tank decorations safe at homeA lot of aquarists use Krylon Fusion Paint in their aquariums to seal or paint homemade decorations. Kyrlon Fusion comes in a few colours as well as clear. So go ahead & a greek Figurine, just seal it first. 


Top 5 Greek Aquarium Decorations to Choose from

If you’re interested in having a Greek-themed tank, there are three ways you can go: ruins, gods, or pottery. I have ideas for all three that I think you will enjoy.

The Parthenon

Underwater Treasures Parthenon

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The Parthenon is one of the most iconic ancient buildings in modern Greece. The Athenians began building it in 447 BC to replace an older temple for Athena, so many people associate it with Athena.

While this aquarium Parthenon doesn’t contain a gargantuan statue of Athena like the full-scale model in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s still impressive. Fans of Greek architecture, ancient Greece, Greek mythology, and the Percy Jackson series will love the amazing attention to detail on this Parthenon.

I love all the spaces this model includes for fish to shelter. There are some spaces in the village down the cliff from the Parthenon where they can hide and rest. Your fish will also enjoy swimming in and out of the columns of the Parthenon itself.

I like the look of adding clumps of aquarium grass nearby. I especially like the way hairgrass (Eleocharis montevidensis) fits the scene. You might also consider adding rocks to your landscape to match the rocks surrounding the actual Parthenon. I suggest the following:

  • Dragonstone
  • Quartzite
  • Rainbow rock

You’ll want to pay attention to the size of the Parthenon before you purchase it because it’s smaller than you might expect. However, at 5.5 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 3.75 inches high, it’s small enough to fit all but the tiniest of tanks.

Ruins like this remind me of ancient Eqypt in fact if you like the sound of that check out these 5 Ancient Egyptian Fish Tank Decorations.

Grecian Goddess

Classic Polyresin Grecian Goddess Aquarium Ornament (7in) (Off-White)

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Another Greek aquarium decoration that can add a bit of Greek flair to your tank is this decoration, which includes broken Greek statues between crumbling columns.

It’s a fun piece to add alone or in a tank full of crumbling statues and columns. The sculptures look classy, and your fish will enjoy swimming through the columns. It comes with a few fake plants attached, but you can remove them if you don’t like them. Some natural plants that I like to add around it to give it a feeling of being an abandoned ruin include:

  • Roundleaf toothcup (Rotala rotundifolia)
  • Pygmy chain sword (Echinodorus tenellus)
  • Eelgrass (Vallisneria spiralis)
  • Water celery (Vallisneria Americana)

The structure measures 4.33 inches wide, long, and tall, so it will fit in a tank of any size.

Ancient Ruins

FixtureDisplays Ancient Ruins Ornament for Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration Fragile-if Damaged Txt 630296419 0 for Replacement 12184 12184

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Perhaps this is supposed to be the Parthenon and perhaps not. You could also imagine it as the ruins of a palace or temple.

I especially like the effect of schooling fish through the columns of these ancient ruins. It’s a lovely place for fish to dart and hide. There are also a few places for fish to hide around the base.

If you decide on these ancient ruins for your tank, I suggest that you pair them with quartzite or rainbow rock, along with natural plants that match the plastic decorations:

  • Roundleaf toothcup (Rotala rotundifolia)
  • Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus tenellus)
  • American waterweed (Elodea densa)

While I’m in love with the way the Parthenon decoration looks, it’s not as large as this set of ruins. So, if you’re looking for a piece that will fill more of your larger tank, you might consider this one instead. It measures 9 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 6.6 inches high.

Poseidon with Trident

Poseidon With Trident Standing On Hippocampus, Cold Cast Bronze, 9 1/4 Inch Tall

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While there are scores of Greek deities associated with water in some way, the one we think of most is the mighty Poseidon. I’m not entirely convinced someone didn’t have Jason Momoa’s Poseidon in mind when they sculpted this well-muscled god.

I’ve never seen a classier Poseidon. He’s cold-cast in bronze and clasps his trident in one hand and the reins of a sea dragon in the other. The nice thing about cold-cast bronze is that it can withstand water for decades.

He looks too sophisticated to pair with anything besides plants, rocks, and other classy Veronese bronze statues.

There are several places that fish can swim through, including areas between Poseidon’s body and the dragon, between his body and the trident, and between his legs.

He measures 10.2 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, and 12.3 inches high. So, his trident may end up poking out of the water in nano tanks and shorter tanks.

Greek Broken Jug

Broken Jug Aquarium Ornament, Roman Greek Broken Amphora Vase Ruins Aquarium Fish Tank Ornament Decoration, Resin Sturdy Base

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Another direction you can go with Greek fish tank decorations is with sunken antiquities. I especially like this jug because it has remnants of paint. It also has pieces missing, like part of one handle and pieces of the pot on two sides. These missing pottery pieces are nowhere to be found, but the holes provide excellent entrances to the pot for your fish.

If you have shy fish, nocturnal fish, or fish that need a place to hide from more aggressive fish, pottery can make an excellent option. The openings are large enough that you can still enjoy your fish, even if they spend a lot of time inside.

I like to pair broken pottery with other broken pottery or hide it in a complete jungle of plants and random large rocks.

This broken jug isn’t very large. However, it measures 5 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 6 inches high so that you can fit it in nearly any tank.

If you like this style of decor check out these 5 Terracotta Aquarium Decorations.

Video: Greek Aquarium Theme Set-Up


Greek fish tank decorations can include ancient ruins and broken pottery or mighty Greek gods. While I like the looks of the Parthenon, I like the size of the ancient ruins better.

DIY fish tank decorations are another option when you’re trying to decide what to add to your Greek fish tank.

What you ultimately choose will depend on the size of your tank and your personal aesthetic.

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