Hygger Sponge Filter (HG-908 Double Sponge) Review

A sponge filter is an excellent idea for your aquarium. If you’re searching for the best aquarium filter, the Hygger Sponge Filter HG-908 is a terrific option. Reviews are glowing, and the results speak for themselves.



Why do you need a sponge filter for your aquarium in the first place?

This guide aims to review the Hygger sponge filter in detail to answer this question and assure you that you will be making the right purchase for your aquarium.

Overview Hygger Sponge Filter (HG-908)

The Hygger is an economical, efficient option for any smaller-sized aquarium. A deeper look into the product is below.

What’s in the Box

The parts included in the box when you purchase a Hygger are:

  • One double sponge filter with two containers
  • One bag of ceramic media balls
  • Two extra sponges

This particular sponge filter requires an air pump and a standard size 4mm air hose, but neither is included in your purchase, so be sure to find these elsewhere.

Installation & Set Up

hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter for Fresh Water and Salt-Water Fish Tank (M)

Installation and setup of the filter are pretty straightforward.

First, you remove all items from the package and clean them. Then, using the water from your aquarium, rinse each part gently, and then you can set the sponges into the tank, fully submerged, for ten minutes.

Then, your manual will include an in-depth diagram of how the sponge filter should look. Finally, you reference the diagram to piece together the filter. The depictions of each piece and their identifications are straightforward to follow.

Next, place your filter on the wall of your aquarium using its suction cups.

Lastly, connect your filter to your air pump with the air tube. Be sure the air pump you’ve chosen is equipped with a check valve to prevent any flow-back of tank water should there be a power failure.

It’s as simple as that! You’re ready to go!


On Hygger’s website, you can purchase a small filter for $16.99 or a medium filter for $19.99.


hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter for Fresh Water and Salt-Water Fish Tank (M)

There are two sizes of this filter, small and medium. Below are the specifications for each:


  • Sponge Dimension – 1.57” D x 1.57” H (4 cm x 4 cm)
  • Inner Diameter of Sponge – 0.51” (1.3 cm)
  • Applicable Tank – <5 gallons (20L)
  • Applicable Air Pump – 1.5 W
  • Air Tube – 4 mm (0.16 in)
  • Retractable Outlet Pipe Length – N/A


  • 1.97” D x 3.54” H (5 cm x 9 cm)
  • Inner Diameter of Sponge – 0.51” (1.3 cm)
  • Applicable Tank – >15 gallons (60L)
  • Applicable Air Pump – 3 W
  • Air Tube – 4 mm (0.16 in)
  • Retractable Outlet Pipe Length – 7.5”~10.8” (19 cm ~ 27.5 cm)

Main Features

hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter for Fresh Water and Salt-Water Fish Tank (M)

Hygger’s sponge filter boasts three main features:

  • Multi-filtration functions
  • Double sponges make for more efficient and durable filtration
  • Super quiet with more delicate bubbles

Benefits of Using a Sponge Filter

There are many reasons why a sponge filter is a fantastic option for your aquarium. We’ve listed some of the biggest pros of a sponge filter below:

Biological Filtration

Biological filtration is the process of converting toxic chemicals into non-toxic ones. For example, your fish give off toxic chemicals constantly in their poop and pee. This could be potentially fatal for your fish to swim around in for an extended period, but with the biological filtration offered by sponge filters, this is a non-issue.

2-in-1 Filter

These sponge filters are also meant to catch physical particles floating around in your aquarium’s water—not just the chemicals. If anything foreign lands in your tank, you can rest assured the sponge filters will grab it up.


Sponge filters are great for helping to aerate your tank. They keep the water from being stagnant and stale and are perfect for aerating smaller tanks all on their own!

Fry and Shrimp Safe

Non-sponge filters can often suck up small fry/shrimp in your tank. Though you may have the best of intentions, these non-sponge filters may be the downfall of your small fry!

A sponge filter does not suck up anything, and therefore it will leave your small fry and shrimp alone—perfectly safe.

Cycled Backup Filter

A sponge filter can be a helpful backup to your hang-on-the-back filter. These hang-on-the-back filters can stop working without you noticing, and having the sponge filter as a backup in case of emergency will save you serious stress and money.

Low Flow Tanks

Certain fish, mainly Betta fish, do not enjoy fast-flowing water in their aquariums. Instead, they prefer a calm, gentle flow that will not disturb or disrupt them.


With the Hygger sponge filter, you will not spend more than $20. This makes a sponge filter one of the most economical choices available.

Disadvantages of a Sponge Filter

Though the advantages are lengthy, there is, of course, a disadvantage or two to every option. Some of the more prominent cons are outlined below:

No Chemical Filtration

Sponge filters are, unfortunately, incapable of filtering chemicals.

Not the Best Looking

It’s true that sponge filters are large and in-your-face and often shaped and sized strangely. So, remember there are some aesthetics lost when choosing a sponge filter!

Low GPH Rating

The Gallons Per Hour that can cycle through a sponge filter tend to be much lower than with non-sponge filters. This means that your tank needs to be pretty small to use one.

More Is Often Better

In particular, it may be best to run multiple sponge filters at once for water flow. This is why purchasing the larger size (medium) Hygger sponge filter is also a good idea. The increased water flows and decreased dead spots from having so many filters around the tank is something your fish will thank you for!


Overall, the Hygger sponge filter is an excellent option for your aquarium. It is highly efficient and effective, and it won’t break the bank either! Compared to the other best small aquarium filters, the Hygger Sponge Filter HG-908 (especially when bought in pairs or more) is highly recommended.

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