7 Reasons The Rio Filter Might Be The Best Mini Internal Filter

Why We Like The Rio Filter (85gph)

The Rio Mini 90 Internal Power Filter is available for under $30 new, but there are used options available on Amazon for even less and it’s well worth the price, it’s a great little filter for great value.

It’s has great flow which is adjustable if you need less. But it has some power so if you keep it on full be sure to direct it properly.

This little pump is quiet and more durable than any other pump it’s size. It is versatile, strong and ideal for tanks around 5 gallons or larger.

The Rio gets a 4.1 Star rating on Amazon, you can click here to read the reviews on Amazon.

One awesome feature is that it has two sponge compartments, this allows you to use one compartment with a small filter bag and rotate it between activated charcoal or Nitrazorb keeping water fresh and clear.

The Rio Filter comes with a variety of attachments, most importantly a right angle connector and and ball joint exit . The sections are tight fitting out of the box, you may need to wet them to pop them apart.

7 Reasons To Buy The Rio Filter

  1. Small design Internal filter, takes up a little space inside the tank.
  2. Adjustable output, multiple water discharge options, and customization possible
  3. Various adapters included, to adjust direction of the water output.
  4. Choice of different filter media.
  5. Add different medias (sold separately) as long as you have nylon media bags (sold separately)
  6. Can be positioned vertically or horizontally
  7. Inexpensive

What We Didn’t Like About The Rio Filter

  1. Manual is to general, we had to find intructions on line.
  2. Aeration attachment manual is complicated to undrstand.

If you don’t think the Rio Filter is what you are looking for, here are a few more options Click here to see the best internal fish tank filter.

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