LED Aquarium Lighting Reviews: The Beamswork LED Aquarium Light

Are you familiar with the Beamswork LED?

A quick Google search will show you they don’t have an official website…But that shouldn’t stop you from considering the Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light.

There’s a lot you need to know about this particular Beamswork LED light–preferably before you make your purchase decision. We’ll get into all that good stuff below.

First, you’ll need to know that these are my favorite lights hands down;

with that out of the way.

The Beamswork EA FSPEC LED light is thin with a black aluminum housing. Even though it’s thin (from top to bottom), it is fairly wide as far as LED fixtures go.

If you have multiple Beamswork fixtures on a single tank, your bird’s-eye view into the tank will likely be obstructed. Luckily, this fixture provides pleasant light for your tank from just about every other angle.

This Beamswork LED light has the typical extending brackets, giving you that precious wiggle room to achieve a snug fit.

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Quick Overview The Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED

Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (120cm - 48")

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The Best Features Of The Beamswork EA FSPEC LED Light

1. Full Spectrum

If you haven’t already figured it out, the FSPEC in the name of this fixture refers to Full Spectrum–this means it contains not only white lights, but red, green, and blue LEDs as well.

Full spectrum lights provide a bigger, healthier variety of the wavelengths that planted tanks need to thrive.

2. Inexpensive

One of the best parts about this Beamswork LED light is the low price. This light is considerably cheaper than other options on the market.

3. Easy and Straightforward

If you’re just looking for a light you can pull out of the box, fit to your tank, plug in, and turn on, you’re in for a treat. The Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light is just that.

Bad News Beamswork (But the Good News First)

What We Liked About The Beamswork LED

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy setup
  • Reliable
  • Full spectrum light
  • Timer-ready
  • Two light modes

What We Don’t Like About The Beamswork LED

  • Not the brightest light
  • Customers have had occasional trouble with the power adaptor
  • Timer is not included
  • No customization, low on features

What’s in the Beamswork Box?Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (120cm - 48")

Like we mentioned earlier, this Beamswork EA FSPEC can go from box to bubbling tank in a jiffy. The packaging is plain on the outside and bubble-wrapped on the inside.

The box includes:

  • The Beamswork EA FSPEC fixture
  • The power adaptor
  • The adjustable legs (come inserted in the unit, sometimes upside-down)

Not much to it!

The fixture itself has a power switch with three modes: full light, blue light, and off. There’s also a port (covered by a screw-on cap) for connecting the optional timer (which is not included).

What Do You Need to Know? Sizing, LED Count, and Growing Plants


This Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light comes in seven sizes:

  • 18”
  • 24”
  • 30”
  • 36”
  • 48”
  • 60”
  • 72”

LED Count:

Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (120cm - 48")

Here’s the Beamworks LED 48” fixture bulb count:

LEDS: 54 Bulbs (all sizes features 0.50W Bulbs)

  • 10,000K: 37 Bulbs
  • Actinic 460nm: 9 Bulbs
  • Red 620nm: 4 Bulbs
  • Green 520nm: 4 Bulbs

And for the Beamswork LED 72” fixture:

LEDS: 78 Bulbs

  • 10,000K: 52 Bulbs
  • Actinic 460nm: 12 Bulbs
  • Red 620nm: 6 Bulbs
  • Green 520nm: 8 Bulbs

For the LED counts on the other sizes, visit the Amazon page for this Beamswork LED light.

Growing Plants

Is this Beamswork LED planted tank-capable?

Well, growing medium and high light level plants might be tricky with this light. This light fixture has a pretty low PAR reading.

In fact, Youtuber Aquarium Co-Op doesn’t like this Beamswork LED light when he tests it for himself. But, his tank needs are not your tank needs. And, as widely accepted as “PAR” is for rating lights, it’s not a perfect system.

Beamswork LED - Video

The Amazon customer reviews prove that this light has worked for people maintaining planted tanks–there’s always another side to the story!

Getting the lighting for your planted tank just right takes knowledge, experimentation, and a pinch of luck.

Still, the light is not especially bright. For a large tank, or a tall tank, or a saltwater reef tank, you should look into a different unit or a supplemental LED unit to use with this Beamswork fixture. Or, look into a more expensive unit that packs more punch!

Setup and Troubleshooting for this Beamswork LED

The setup for this light is easy! Take it out of the packaging, place it on your aquarium, plug it in, and you’re good to go.

If you’re opting for the optional timer (tends to be around $15-$20), that unit will come with instructions of its own. If you’re not getting the timer, then you only need to worry about the single power switch. This switch controls the three modes: off, on, and blue light.

Some customers have reported issues with the power adaptor and with lights flickering or certain colors of LEDs not turning on at all. In some cases, Amazon will cover this. It’s an unfortunate pitfall of buying inexpensive lights (although some high-end models have similar troubles).

How Does the Beamswork EA FSPEC Fixture Compare to Other Fixtures?

The physical unit might be a little wider than other options on the market, but it’s still low-profile compared to the non-LED lighting fixtures of yore.

It’s one of the most inexpensive units in its lighting tier, and it’s very well-rated on Amazon. There are other Beamswork lights that are similar, but offer different lighting spectrums (like 6500K instead of 10000K).

YouTuber JDO Fishtank spends the first eight or so minutes of his Beamswork EA FSPEC LED review comparing it with other options. It’s worth a look to see how it stacks up to other fixtures!

Beamswork LED Comparison

Beamswork: The Best Low-Cost LED Light?

Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC LED Aquarium Light Freshwwater Plant Extendable (120cm - 48")

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It’s really hard to beat the price on this Beamswork fixture. It’s not the brightest, but it is full-spectrum.

The ease of use and simple setup make it a great option for new aquarists and seasoned aquarists alike. It’s great as a supplemental fixture, or as the primary light source on a smaller tank with a low bioload.

If you’re looking for a simple, low cost, and low light, this Beamswork EA timer FSPEC LED aquarium light is hard to beat.

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